What do you do at Naughty Cat Cafe?

At Naughty Cat Cafe, come relax with 30 adoptable cats in over 2,000 sq. ft. of cat lounge. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or cold, local craft beer with a cat on your lap. We also have free Wi-Fi!

Our party animals will host special events like Yoga with Cats, Happy Meower, and Art Class. Check out our calendar of events here. You can also celebrate all sorts of parties here such as birthdays, bachelorettes, baby showers, and more! 

Who benefits from a cat cafe?

  • Overcrowded shelters

  • People from our local community looking to adopt

  • Renters who aren’t able to have pets

  • Tourists missing pets at home

  • Organizations in need of a unique event location

  • Party animals who are looking for a fun venue to celebrate their event (birthday, bachelorette, baby shower)

  • Students who need a relaxing place to study

  • Freelancers in need of a convenient work space

  • Health care professionals dealing with compassion fatigue

  • Senior citizens looking for companionship

How does the cafe part work?

We have a self-serve coffee and tea bar separate from our cat room or you can grab some beer and other tasty drinks. All of our food offerings are pre-packaged goodies made from the local bakery, Cupcake Kitchen. You can take any food or drink you’ve purchased in the cafe into the cat lounge. No food is cooked or prepped on-site, so the Hamilton County Health Department has deemed us in compliance with all appropriate regulations. 

Do you seriously charge to pet cats? 

Yes! We don’t do it for the money, but we can’t do it without it. The entrance fee allows us to provide this cage-free environment for our cats in a location convenient to the community. It also covers extra supplies that the shelters and rescues cannot provide. For $13, visitors are allowed 60 minutes with our house residents to play, cuddle, sip, and potentially adopt. This visitation fee also includes a non-alcoholic drink. All of our guests in the cat room sign a waiver, and those under 18 need their parent to sign their waiver. Those under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult. 

Is there an age policy?

Our goal is for Naughty Cat Cafe to be a place that the whole family can enjoy, while keeping our cats comfortable and relaxed. The minimum age for visiting the cat lounge is 11 years old. We ask that parents facilitate the interaction between their children and cats in a proactive way. 

A parent or guardian will need to sign a minor waiver for anyone visiting the cafe under the age of 18. Those under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult. 

We know that kittens and cats are fragile. They are small and can be easily overlooked by young children. This is dangerous for both the child and the feline as young children can easily step on or trip and fall over them. Children are naturally exuberant, this is a lovely quality of youth! However, if you are a cat lover, you know that felines prefer slow movements, soft voices and a gentle touch. When kitties get stressed they are very unhappy and become ill or act out to protect themselves.

Children, just like kittens and cats, go through different socialization and developmental stages. For example, children 3-4 years of age are still learning impulse control. Sudden outbursts, or impulsive grabs at a pet might frighten them and cause an adverse, frightened response. Between ages 5-7, children learn empathy and are better equipped to treat cats properly. Sadly, if cats have negative experiences with children during their socialization period, they can develop a lifelong fear of small children. Likewise, if a child has a negative experience with a cat, they can also develop the same type of fear.

We believe our age policy will help everyone enjoy their time at the cafe and not only encourage a better interaction with the adoptable cats, but also a safer and stable environment for all.

Do I need a reservation to visit?

Not necessarily, but it is highly recommended. We only allow 15-20 people into the cat lounge at a time, so we cannot accept walk-ins if we are at capacity.

Where are all of the cats from?

All of the cats are provided by our local shelters, Humane Educational Society and Pet Placement Center. We act as a big foster home for them, and will take care of up to 30 cats at any given time. All cats provided to us are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, flea and parasite control, vaccinated for rabies, microchipped, FeLV/FIV tested, and ready to go to their forever home!


I fell in love with a cat at the cafe. Can I adopt them?

YES! All of the cats at the cafe are adoptable through our partner shelters. We handle all of the paperwork right here in the cafe following the protocols of the partner shelter and 100% of the $50 adoption fee goes to the shelter.

Are all of your cats naughty?


Are you a non-profit? 

We are a small business owned by a husband and wife team. However, 100% of the adoption fees go to the shelter that we are fostering the cat from. The shelters cover some supplies, but we are always in need of clumping litter, toys, treats and cleaning supplies. You can view our Amazon Wish List here if you’d like to support the cats. Our mission statement is to provide a healthy and safe environment for the community to socialize with and adopt cats from our local shelters. We work to enhance the bond between humans and animals and raise awareness on the importance of spay and neuter.

Do you take in or re-home cats?

No. We are not a cat rescue but operating as a foster home for cats from our partner shelters. If you have found a stray cat or need to re-home your pet, please contact the Humane Educational Society if you are within Hamilton County limits or McKamey Animal Center if you are within Chattanooga city limits. Other organizations that may be able to help are Pet Placement Center and CATS. If you are outside the Hamilton County or Chattanooga city limits, please search for a shelter or rescue organization in your area.

Why Naughty Cat?

Because cats are naughty! All you have to do is search cats on the internet and you are guaranteed to be humored by cats being mischievous. We love their naughty nature, so we use it in our name.

Before Naughty Cat Cafe… there was Naughty Cat Farm! We lived off-grid on the Big Island of Hawaii where we grew organic white pineapple, this weird fruit called soursop, and enough food to feed ourselves. We also fostered A LOT of kittens. So, we named our little piece of paradise Naughty Cat Farm. The mascot for that logo was one of our 10 cats, Velcro (jury is still out on if she’s the naughtiest of the bunch). Velcro wore a bandana, just like the bandits of the Old West and the cowboys of Hawaii. Yes, there are cowboys (called paniolos) on Hawaii! Within this bandana we incorporated images of Hawaii and our farm life. Since our new Naughty Cat Cafe logo was going to be printed on all things big and small, we had to simplify the bandana and illustrate Velcro.

We’re really proud to be able to provide this space for the entire community to enjoy and benefit from. Moreover, we are so grateful for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm we have received. We’ve travelled and lived all around the world and we can’t think of a better neighborhood other than St. Elmo with its rich culture, unique vibe and love for animals.  

We look forward to welcoming you at Naughty Cat Cafe and joining us on our mission to provide a healthy and safe environment for the community to socialize with and adopt cats from our local shelters and rescues.

*All cats are naughty to varying degrees.